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In geography the word bank generally refers to the land alongside a body of water. Physical geography the sloping side of any hollow in the ground esp when bordering a.

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Different structures are referred to as banks in different fields of geography as follows.

Bank definition geography. A bank of clouds. The study of the earth and its features and of the distribution of life on the earth. Bed in geography topic from longman dictionary of contemporary english ldoce020i bed bed 1 bed s1 w1 noun 1 sleep countable uncountable a piece of furniture that you sleep on in bed simon lay in bed thinking.

A sloping sandy point bar close side and the vegetation stabilized cut bank far side on the namoi river new south wales australia. From longman dictionary of contemporary english bank bank 1 baenk s1 w1 noun countable 1 money place for money a bfb a business that keeps and lends money and provides other financial services in the bank we have very little money in the bank. A bank of thunderclouds.

Cut banks are found in abundance along mature or meandering streams they are located on the outside of a stream bend known as a meander opposite the slip off slope on the inside of the bend. A bank of earth. A cut bank also known as a river cliff or river cut cliff is the outside bank of a water channel which is continually undergoing erosion.

In limnology the study of inland waters a stream bank or river bank is the terrain alongside the bed of a river creek or stream. An organization where people and businesses can invest or borrow money change it to foreign money etc or a building where these services are offered. Bank synonyms bank pronunciation bank translation english dictionary definition of bank.

In gambling the bank is money that belongs to the owner and can be won by the players. The world bank is an international organization dedicated to providing financing advice and research to developing nations to aid their economic advancement. The bank predominantly acts as an organization that attempts to fight poverty by offering developmental assistance to middle and low income countries.

Bank definition a long pile or heap. A piled up mass as of snow or clouds. Bank geography a man made lake in keukenhof with grass banks.

A steep natural incline. Geography synonyms geography pronunciation geography translation english dictionary definition of geography.

Bank Geography Wikipedia

Bank Geography Wikipedia

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