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register2park. is a cloud based, GPS-based guest parking management system designed to optimize your guest parking potential, minimize unnecessary vehicle storage and avoid unauthorized overnight occupancy. It is easy to use, affordable and meets all government and legal requirements. With the power of register2park, you can monitor and control guest vehicle locations, identify over-bookings and monitor the status of your reservation system. With a highly intuitive interface and an exclusive set of features, register2park is the perfect solution for your parking needs.

Managing your parking utilization with register2park is easy. You can even do it from the comfort of your home or office. The best part about register2park is its integrated platform that is capable of delivering integrated management solutions that will streamline your customer management processes, improve customer service, minimize inventory management and enhance profitability. With its intelligent parking enforcement and management system, you can:


* Monitor your accounts – Today’s businesses are more dependent on using technology to streamline business operations. With today’s technology, you can monitor your account performance through the internet. In addition to being easily accessible, register2park’s exclusive online booking management software makes it easier than ever to book a reservation. With this reservation management software, you can easily see your daily, monthly and seasonal rates, view vehicle availability and track your reserved vehicles. If you are running out of room, you can also view information on the status of your remaining spaces and easily make necessary modifications.

* Manage vehicle availability – With an easy-to-use interface and powerful features, register2park makes it easy to manage vehicle availability. You can set ‘availability’ limits and monitor your available parking. When you want to reserve a spot, you can do so by logging in to register2park’s website. Through its web-based calendar, you can set recurring and unforeseeable events such as special events, public holidays, sales and other occasions. You can also view upcoming events and traffic patterns to optimize parking potential and reduce unnecessary vehicle storage.

* View guest vehicle information – One of the advantages that register2park offers is the presence of its integrated guest parking management software. This guest parking management software makes it easy for you to view the details of each of your parking clients. You can view vehicle information such as plate number, vehicle identification number, billing address, vehicle ownership status and more. With this software, you can also monitor and manage the usage of your parking facilities. You can easily determine which vehicle has been used most often, which vehicle is overdue for payment or which vehicle has been vacated.

* Manage parking violations – Using register2park’s integrated traffic enforcement system, you can monitor and manage your parking facilities from a single location. You can specify security measures such as “ticket capture” and “zero tolerance policy.” Through this system, you can easily determine which vehicles are parked in violation of the rules and regulations. You can instantly issue alerts to your staff or you can also upload the images of these violators on the company’s website to further reinforce your zero tolerance policy.

* Find expired parking permits – Most companies fail to effectively enforce their visitor parking rules because they do not check for expired permits. The good thing about register2park is that it automatically provides current information on permit expiration dates. You can check expired permits to make sure that your employees do not violate any rule and prevent the overflow of visitors at your facilities.


* Reduce visitor vehicle theft – A stolen vehicle depreciates your business’s image and damages your brand. In order to prevent this from happening, you should invest in an effective and efficient visitor parking system specifically designed to maximize your visitor traffic. register2park. offers real-time monthly reporting so you can determine how effective your current parking management system is and make necessary adjustments to boost your company’s bottom line. register2park also provides weekly and daily vehicle reporting statistics so you can easily spot problems before they adversely affect your sales and operations. This parking software also offers an easy-to-use tracking mechanism that allows you to determine which vehicles are most in need of parking and which ones are being used for recreational purposes.

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